Who is the Best Digital Marketing Consultant in India?

Sorav Jain is one of the most talented and promising young professionals who are contributing to India's digital marketing landscape. With 25 years of experience in the advertising industry, he has successfully combined traditional marketing techniques and modern digital data to create powerful results. He currently leads the communications team at Robosoft Technologies, a leading provider of mobility solutions. In addition, he has worked with a variety of high-profile consumer and consumer goods brands, and has managed office profit centers with a successful track record of business development in Mumbai, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bangalore.

He has collaborated with P&G, BAT, GSK, Sara Lee, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting and ITC Foods, to name a few. On his website, Sorav covers topics such as advertising strategy, branding lessons, customer management and marketing and e-marketing tips. UnivSense is India's Best Digital Marketing Consultant. With years of experience, we help clients develop effective digital marketing strategies for their businesses.

Career Achievements: Sorav has written more than 2500 blogs and articles and is the author of four books, two of which have been bestsellers - The Weak Point Dealer and The Unproposed Guy. He has delivered more than 7.5 Lakh leads to date and boasts an impressive ROI. This blog post lists India's top 25 digital marketing experts who excel in the field of digital marketing. Sorav Jain is the founder of Echome and Digital Scholar.

He began his digital marketing career as an SEO executive when he was just 17 years old. Pradeep Chopra graduated from IIT Delhi and is one of the pioneers of digital marketing in India. Pradeep is Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Vidya. He is an international speaker and writer on digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

Kunal Choudhary is the founder and director of the Delhi School of Internet Marketing with an MBA in Marketing from Amity University. DP is a consultant for digital marketing, social media and SEO blogs. When you are looking to work with marketing consulting firms, make sure that your company's needs are met with customized plans. Key areas of work will include a detailed scope of the business, preparing or drafting a detailed roadmap and digital marketing plan, and then verifying that the digital marketing plan is being executed by the company's support team or staff. I always stay up to date by reading the latest blogs and different marketing surveys to stay informed as digital marketing consultants need to be up to date with the latest trends. India's best digital marketing consultant will help you with proper keyword research, conversions, targeting and retargeting.

In these 25 years, he has imparted immense knowledge to students as well as customers which has paved the way for the list of digital sellers in India. Even if you hire a consultant or develop a marketing strategy, you need to understand your company's overall roadmap and how it is being implemented in your company. Campaigns change from daily social media marketing efforts due to their increased focus and segmentation. Lighthouse Insight focuses mainly on content about the Indian digital market and how it evolves every day. India has seen incredible leaders rule the industry with entrepreneurial skills, a love for marketing and a strong understanding of the digital world. So I hope you know what I can do for you when you hire me as your digital marketing consultant for your business. As a highly experienced digital marketer, I can implement marketing strategies in the right way using my experience in the appropriate marketing channel.

In addition, choosing the right marketing channels and allocating the right budget among them can be a difficult task for you. Let me share with you some of the most important things I can do for you when you hire me as your digital marketing consultant in India. Marketing channels depend on many factors such as business nature, market acceptance and popularity among users. A well-known face in the industry with thousands of followers in the digital space, Nidhi is a recognized influencer. Jainendra Singh's customer-centric approach, tactical thinking and analytical mindset have established her strong position in the world of electronic marketing and advertising.

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