How Many Influencer Marketing Agencies Are There?

The importance of influencer marketing is becoming increasingly evident as the market grows. Influencer marketing agencies act as intermediaries in the process, helping brands to save time by discovering, selecting and managing influencers, creating content and analyzing the success of campaigns. There are many influential marketing agencies around the world, with Americanoize being a world-class, multidisciplinary agency. They specialize in helping brands reach their goals such as traffic, conversions, engagement, knowledge and sales.

Agencies can focus on specific channels or industries, or provide expertise across multiple social channels and areas of interest. Sundae is an example of an agency that offers real-time content and media optimization through performance marketing. Kairos Media is one of the founding agencies of the influencer marketing scene and is now one of the fastest growing creative agencies in the UK. Agency is an international digital marketing agency that helps companies grow through ROI forecasting strategies with risk assessment.

The Motherhood agency has been around for over a decade and was one of the first to implement influencer marketing. Moburst is a mobile-based marketing agency that helps clients meet their brand awareness goals by leveraging brand ambassadors. IMA Agency is a full-service influencer marketing agency with a team of in-house strategists, content producers, designers, analysts and other specialists. The best way to find the right influencer marketing agency for your project is to ask influencers, their networks or friends and family about the agencies they use.

We've examined the best influencer marketing agencies to help you make an informed decision.

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